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zu Gast in der Galerie Noseland, Schöftland

CENAMAXIMALE (Kyra Altmann + Roderick MacLeod)

"Light Hands"

"Light Hands is a response to the experience of the banking world - appealing, perhaps, and most likely treaturous." CENAMAXIMALE

"What's that smell?"

"What's that smell aims to give an insight into the financial meltdown 2008 and perhaps a glimpse of what the markets hold for us in the near future." CENAMAXIMALE

"A Lecture by Eric Leidl" - Performance

Eric Leidl is concerned about understanding symbolic consciousness. He sees that it is based on labels, a whole complexity of labels, reference and cross-references and feels at the same time that this mode of consciousness is what has lead humanity down the path it has taken, with its great achievements and great disasters.

Following the publication of his book "Advice for Vladic Priests", Eric Leidl has become a recognised and popular figure on the Cognomen Wiki Lecture Circuit. With his meticulous research crafted in hand with an inclination for the impervious he provides no-nonsense elucidation an matters of present-day concerns specifically related to the dominance of the ideology of consumption.